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23 December

Saylyugem National Park : Rare 'clumsy' cat captured on camera for first time at national park – Siberian Times


10 July

Anna Barashkova is back from the field trip in the mountains of eastern Kazakhstan, where she and her team checked camera-traps.

This one to the right on a morning stroll is not the only one photographed.

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The little cameras in the map below indicate the places where the cats passed the camera traps.

6 May

Matthias Fiechter of the Snow Leopard Trust sent this photo and wrote:

Our Kyrgyzstan program director Kuban Jumabai just shared three photos of Pallas' Cats with us. They were taken this spring in the Sarychat-Ertash Nature Reserve and are apparently the first ever photos of wild Pallas' cats from Kyrgyzstan.

Photo by courtesy of the Snow Leopard Foundation Kyrgyzstan / Snow Leopard Trust


See also Mattias' blog article First Pallas' Cat Photos Taken in Kyrgyzstan

27 April

Taher Ghadirian wrote:

A female Pallas' Cat with four cubs was observed in Iran's North Khorasan Province.

This and more photos by courtesy of Iran Environment and Wildlife Watch

15 February

Discovery of First Pallas' Cat in Nepal – National Geographic Cat Watch

12 February

Bikram Shrestha is the Coordinator of the Snow Leopard Scouts and Science Program of the Snow Leopard Conservancy (SLC), Nepal. He wrote:

In cooperation with the National Trust for Nature Conservation, the SLC has been carrying out a snow leopard monitoring program in the Annapurna Conservation Area since 2012. During three capture events in the Manang region of this protected area, we obtained 14 camera trap pictures of Pallas' cats. In December 2012, six photos were taken near Angumi Lapche at an altitude of 4650 m and two photos near Praken at an altitude of 4200 m. The remote camera in Angumi Lapche revealed six more images in December 2013.

Photo by courtesy of the Snow Leopard Conservancy.

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New wild cat species found in ACAP area – Republica, 12 February

Rare wild cat found in Annapurna region – The Himalayan Times, 12 February

8 January

Arash Ghoddousi wrote:

Another Pallas' Cat has been observed in eastern Iran a few days ago: this time in the Khorasan Razavi Province near the city of Khaf, on the border of the Sedeh No-hunting Area. The cat was captured by DoE rangers and released a few hours later in the same location. The male cat weighed 3.7 kg.

This location is in a landscape I couldn't imagine harbouring manuls. Its quite dry there!

This and more photos by courtesy of Iran Environment and Wildlife Watch

5 January

On 31 December, Ganga Ram Regmi sent three camera trap photos showing a Pallas' Cat. The cat is moving along a narrow path next to an overhanging rock. Timestamps indicate that the photos were taken on 26 December at 19:52 in the evening. Ganga wrote:

These photos were captured by a camera-trap of Tashi R. Ghale above 4,600 m altitude in the Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal.

We do not yet have GPS coordinates of the trapping site nor permission of the owner to publish the photos.

See also this article New cat species spotted in Upper Mustang published by the Kathmandu Post.

In November 2013, Ganga received a small grant from the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund to assess the status of Pallas' Cat in Nepal.