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19 December

In Russia, concern is growing over poaching of Pallas cats. For more info: Save the world's fluffiest cat published by the Siberian Times.

11 December

Pranav Trivedi works with the High Altitude Programme of the Nature Conservation Foundation and the Snow Leopard Trust India Programme. He wrote:

Our local field staff and I saw an adult and two kittens (less than half the size of the mother?) in the Hanle region of Ladakh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. This sighting was on a hillock located on the banks of a high altitude marshland. The sighting occurred on 2nd August, 2010 in the afternoon at an altitude of 4,300 metres. The kittens were at their den and the adult cat was trying a hunt on the edge of the marsh which had many waders. We also observed lots of signs of these animals. This is a definite breeding record.
I have been visiting this area each year since 2006, but have seen the cat only once so far.

27 November

Taher Ghadirian wrote that this cat was released into the wild near the area where it was captured after hair samples have been taken.

22 November

Arash Ghoddousi wrote:

Ms. L. Joolaee of the Iranian Department of Environment (DoE) has provided the information that this Pallas' cat was captured near the city of Abadeh in Fars Province by DoE staff.
This is a very interesting record confirming that manuls are also present in the Zagros Mountains in western Iran! And also confirming that we know so little about them!

Photo by courtesy of DoE

31 October

Article Pallas's Cat Photographed for First Time in Bhutan published by World Wildlife Fund

17 October

Article Camera traps confirm presence of Pallas cat published by Kuensel, Bhutan's daily newspaper

16 October

Article Near threatened Pallas' Cat found in Wangchuck Centennial Park, Bhutan published by WWF Bhutan