Pallas' Cat in Iran Afghanistan Pakistan Uzbekistan Kazakhstan

Distribution and habitat

The Pallas' Cat is patchily distributed in the grassland and montane steppe regions of Central Asia ranging from the Transbaikal region of Russia through Mongolia and the Altai Mountains to western China, Kyrgyzstan and southern Kazakhstan to the Caspian Sea (Geptner and Sludskii 1972), and north of the Himalayas from the Tibetan Plateau (Fox and Dorji 2007), Kashmir (Mallon 1991) and the Hindu Kush (Habibi 1977) to the Zagros Mountains in western Iran (Karami et al. in press).

In the following map,

markers point to locations where Pallas' Cats were recorded after 2000;

the anted markers indicate areas where they were sighted prior to the turn of the century. For further information about individual locations : click on the marker to zoom in.


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Text and map compiled by Angie Appel, January 2013; updated in March 2017.

Suggested citation:

Appel, A. 2013. Pallas' Cat: Distribution. Pallas' Cat Working Group.