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Pallas' Cat in Afghanistan

Historical records in the country are very scarce. Pocock (1939) referred to a skin in the British Museum from the Toba Plateau on the southern Afghan-Baluchi border. Members of the Third Danish expedition of 1948-1949 found only skins in Kabul, and members of the 1965 Street Expedition purchased skins in Mazar-i-Sharif and Herat that were said to have been collected near Kunduz and in the Wakhan corridor (Hassinger 1973).

The Afghani wildlife biologist Kushal Habibi wrote in 1977 and in 2004:

Skins brought to Kabul fur markets mainly come from the Salang Pass and Panjsher valley of the central Hindu Kush range. In northern Badakshan it occurs in the Wakhan corridor and the Zebak valleys.

During a survey in April 2007, a Pallas' Cat was sighted in the high-altitude plain of the Dasht-e Nawar wetland (Ostrowski et al. 2008).

In the following map,

markers point to locations where Pallas' Cats were recorded after 2000;

the anted markers indicate areas where they were sighted prior to the turn of the century. For further information about individual locations : click on the marker to zoom in.


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Text and map compiled by Angie Appel, November 2012

Suggested citation:

Appel, A. 2012. Pallas' Cat: distribution in Afghanistan. Pallas' Cat Working Group.