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Pallas' Cat in Pakistan

Historical records in the country are very scarce. Pocock (1939) referred to a reddish skin in the British Museum that had been collected in the mountains between Ziarat and Hindubagh in Baluchistan's Zhob District, east of Quetta. Anderson in Roberts (1977) accounted of an individual that he encountered in a cave on the slopes of Mount Kaliphat at an altitude of about 3,300 m.

In 2008, a Pallas' Cat was killed in the Golain Valley in Chitral District (Hameed et al. 2014). Latter authors also reported a record farther north-east: on 13 July 2012, a camera-trap photographed a Pallas' Cat in Qurumber National Park at an elevation of 3,445 m. The current status of Pallas' Cat in the country is unknown.

In the following map,

markers point to locations where Pallas' Cats were recorded after 2000;

the anted markers indicate areas where they were sighted prior to the turn of the century. For further information about individual locations : click on the marker to zoom in.


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Text by Mohammad Kabir and Angie Appel; map compiled by Angie Appel, August 2015

Suggested citation:

Kabir, M., Appel, A. 2015. Pallas' Cat: distribution in Pakistan. Pallas' Cat Working Group.