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17 December

Have a look at Anya's drawing of Maalu, the Fishing Cat !!

26 November

Article Survey of the Fishing Cat Prionailurus viverrinus Bennett, 1833 (Carnivora: Felidae) and some aspects impacting its conservation in India by Shomita, Tiasa and friends published in the Journal of Threatened Taxa.

Article Baghrol : cat of the marshes by Tiasa published in Sanctuary Asia, October 2012.

15 November

Manori and her team are now taking care of six orphaned Fishing Cat cubs and urgently need inactivated vaccine against feline parvovirus.

11 November

Manori Gunawardena writes:

It is flooding in parts of Sri Lanka, and Fishing Cats especially are moving cubs to higher ground. Usually this means : near humans. During the day people think that the mother has abandoned them, and they "rescue" hand them over to the Wildlife Department who don't have the staff and knowledge to take care of young cubs.

Maalu — our first Fishing Cat rescued from a burning field — died of feline parvovirus. We don't have the killed vaccine here in Sri Lanka.

Just this week the Wildlife Department has dumped 3 more Fishing Cat cubs on us. We are stretched to the limit both resource and time wise. We will have to raise funds to keep the rescue going.

25 October

Abishek Harihar is PhD Affiliate of the Wildlife Institute of India. He wrote:

Our recent work in the Lansdowne Forest Division of Uttarakhand revealed the presence of Fishing Cats, which is ~150 km further west of the Pilibhit Forest Division.

Jim confirmed that Abishek's photo shows a Fishing Cat. See the marker.

19 October

In search of the last Javan Fishing Cats Jim Sanderson deployed 11 cameras traps in eastern Java's Baluran National Park with the help of Carl Traeholt of Copenhagen Zoo and his colleagues. The first picture showed a leopard cat. They also saw scrape marks made by a leopard. Wahyu Murdyatmaka has agreed to set cameras in Alas Purwo National Park southeast of Baluran and as far east in Java as a person can travel. Jim is planning a return trip in early 2013 to check the cameras and also to put more cameras. They want to include Meru Betiri National Park as well.

In the following map, the anted markers point to the national parks in Java. See also distribution in Java.

31 August

Article Wildcat rescued published by The Island, Sri Lanka. Wildlife biologist Manori Gunawardena comments:

The rescued cat is misidentified as a Rusty-spotted Cat but is a Fishing Cat. Most people in Sri Lanka don't distinguish Rusty-spotted from domestic cats as they look similar. In general people go to great lengths to rescue animals in peril. In most instances the authorities are ill prepared to handle such situations as there is no proper rescue and rehab system besides elephants.

28 August

The First International Fishing Cat Symposium will be held in Howrah, West Bengal, in late November / early December 2014.

We would highly appreciate if not only members of the Fishing Cat Working Group attend the symposium, but also representatives of Fishing Cat range countries. We are looking forward to feed back of interested participants regarding the proposed venue and schedule. If you have any idea whom we can address to sponsor the event -- do let us know and contact us !!

24 April

Article Thailand's Shrimp Farms Threaten Rare Fishing Cats published by ABC News.