News 2018

11 May

Naing Lin and Than Zaw kindly shared photos of a Fishing Cat taken in the Ayeyarwady Delta. They wrote:

During our survey we got Fishing Cat photos from a camera-trap, other tracks and signs. Now we can prove that Fishing Cat is still occurring in Myanmar. The survey is not yet finished, and we will share the complete report later.

Congratulations to the survey team!!

The map below shows the Ayeyarwady Delta. This Fishing Cat was recorded in Ma U Bin Township in the early morning of 11 May. The record farther south in the Mein Ma Hla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary is an earlier one.

14 April

The Daily Star reported that a Fishing Cat was beaten to death by local people in Chittagong.

They hung its carcass on a tree, and then threw it into a canal before police reached the spot.

Photo: Star

4 March

The Hindu reported that the Fishing Cat has been declared mascot of the Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary during the World Wildlife Day celebrations.

26 February

Again, Jungle Cat kittens were wrongly identified as Fishing Cat kittens.

The Daily Star reported that four Fishing Cat kittens were rescued in Kanaighat upazila of Sylhet, Bangladesh. Forest Department officials released them in Mulagul forest.

Photo: Star

Sayam Chowdhury of the Bangladesh Fishing Cat Project commented:

These kittens are too young to survive on their own.

26 January

Hiru News reported that a Fishing Cat was captured by villagers of Bangadeniya near Chilaw on Sri Lanka's west coast. They handed it over to officers of the Wildlife Conservation Department.

Photo by Jude Samantha