Yemen Leopard Captured

A video of a critically endangered Arabian Leopard captured in Yemen was posted on YouTube on May 28, 2011 at this link:

The animal being tormented in the video is one of the most critically endangered mammals on Earth -- up to 16 times rarer than the Giant Panda and 30 times rarer than the Bengal Tiger. As Yemen's National Animal (as of Yemen Cabinet decree on April 29, 2008) this animal should be fully protected by law. From the video it is obvious that the law is not working. Please take ten minutes from your day at the first opportunity to perform the following actions:
  • Watch the video and click "dislike" so that the person who posted the video, and everyone who subsequently watches it, begins to get the message that what the video depicts is unacceptable.
  • Write a message to Mr. Omer Ahmed Baeshen, Director of the Endangered Species Unit of the Yemen Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and the CITES officer for Yemen demanding that the Endangered Species Unit at the EPA fully investigate this incident, in order to bring the people involved in this video to justice.
  • Encourage your friends, family, colleagues, and students to do the same.

It is too late for this leopard. But if you protest this incident by writing to Omer A. Baeshen it might do some good in the long term.

Update of 8 November 2011

According to the text accompanying the video this incident took place in Lawdar, Abyan Governorate. The Director General (DG) of Lawdar District identified and contacted some of the men who could be seen in the film. The DG is fully cooperative and has provided some information regarding the precise origin of the animal, the approximate date of its capture, and its fate. The video was apparently posted soon after the leopard was caught at a location in Lawdar District, and was apparently sold for YR 700,000 (approximately US$ 3,000) to an unknown party.

The DG is continuing his investigation.

By 12 November, the video has been removed by the user.

THANKS TO ALL who participated in this campaign and reacted so fast !!!

We hope that this will lead to positive outcomes and increase local commitment to leopard conservation in Yemen and throughout Arabia.