At this point I wish to express my gratitude to all those who helped to find a new home for Bhagya.

First and foremost Gerard de Nijs of the Foundation AAP is to be mentioned, Bhagya's greatest fan and ambassador who tirelessly contacted zoos, wildlife parks and sanctuaries worldwide for animals in trouble and provided valuable contacts.

A HUGE HUG FOR YOU, DEAR GERARD, for all your tremendous and invaluable support and "Don't-give-up" messages in difficult times !!

Hug for Gerard
Catherine Pommier met Bhagya in April 2001 and took the photo to the right. She has done her utmost to find a new home for Bhagya in France where she has contacted more than 40 zoos. Without doubt she has at times neglected her own cats Kaju and Sukhi during all her efforts.

Merci mille fois, chère Catherine, d'avoir traduit toutes les lettres et contacté tant d'associations, parcs et jardins zoologiques en France.

Catherine's photo
Many thanks also to my dear old friend Willi Abrodat for sponsoring the server space and hosting our domain name for many years.

I'm grateful to my colleague Aimée Junker for proof-reading all the English versions of the texts.

To my partner Andreas, Bhagya is indebted for his housing on Tiger Mountain Tharu Farm. Andreas has designed his enclosure, hide-outs, waterpools and machans, and organised and supervised the construction. Bhagya would very much like to offer him his paw personally after all.Bhagya on top of his new machan
Thanks also to A.V. Jim Edwards, Chairman of the Tiger Mountain Group of Companies, as well as to Dr. T.M. Maskey, former and re-nominated Director General of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, Nepal for their generous permission to keep and take care of Bhagya at Tiger Mountain Farms, until he can move to a new home.

I wish to thank Dr. Maskey in particular for his precious guidance and moral support throughout the difficult permit process making his transfer possible.

Thanks to Dr. Ulrich Schürer and Dr. Alexander Sliwa Bhagya is staying in the Zoological Garden Wuppertal since March 19, 2004 together with Bhrikuti Tara. She is an orphaned leopard who accompanied us from Nepal.