The sleepy leopard

Raju Acharya and Yadav Ghimirey of the NGO Friends of Nature coordinate wildlife research and conservation projects in Nepal. Together we conducted a camera-trapping survey in the country's Annapurna Conservation Area during the late winter season 2012.

The sun was about to set in the evening of 18 February when a male leopard walked past three camera traps deployed along wildlife trails at altitudes of 2391—2403 m. He spent 28 minutes in front of the third camera trap and triggered 138 photographs. This never-before-seen footage is an exceptional and amazing look into the life of the threatened Indian leopard Panthera pardus fusca.

The video compiled from these photos is dedicated to Dr. Ulrich Schürer, Director of the Wuppertal Zoo, for opening his heart and home to Indian leopards.

We are grateful to the the Wuppertal Zoo Society, Germany, and the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, USA, for providing the financial assistance to carry out this survey. Thanks are also due to personnel of the Sikles office of the National Trust for Nature Conservation’s Annapurna Conservation Area Project who helped us obtain research permits and supported us logistically.
Geraldine Werhahn and Bidhan Adhikary deserve a special mention. Their voluntary support during the field work was crucial for achieving the survey objectives.
For more information also read our project report.