A hot afternoon

Did you ever ponder how to weigh a leopard, who is close to 6 months old?

It's not likely that Bhagya will sit down on the scale voluntarily - like your own well-behaved cat might do - and will keep sitting there as long as it takes for me to figure out his weight.

But it is like this that Bhagya

snitches one of my new leather gloves,

shakes it,

looks at me challengingly,

rolls over

and back,

and gnaws at the glove.

The cheeky fellow !

Hence, I have to catch him first.

This is not easy at all since - as you can see - he is in a much more playful mood.

Bhagya plays
"Come, Bhagya, come!" Was this chicken I try to lure him with, he would certainly not hesitate. But now he climbs his machan and keeps lying there for some time to lick his paw.
Bhagya comes down from his machan

"Hey come on, Bhagya !"
Without hesitating for long he jumps onto my shoulder, ...

But then he reconsiders, comes down via the tree trunk and jumps ...

... onto the scale.

However, he does not keep sitting there of course, but rolls onto his back and stretches his legs into the air. When I attempt to grab him, he escapes and jumps on top of his den and back to the tree trunk again.

Bhagya about to jump
Bhagya being weighed

... and finally I can stand on the scale with him.

Bhagya enjoys chewing my hair, while I try to figure out our weight:

He weighs 12 kg and has gained 5 kg in eight weeks.

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