Anya's Leopards

Anya Ratnayaka has been drawing ever since she can remember, and at a young age quickly merged drawing with her passion for wildlife. Her job as a wildlife conservationist allows her to help protect the animals she loves, while her hobby gives her the chance to immortalise them, one dot at a time.


is a sub-adult male who was prowling around a rocky outcrop at Welmalkema Road in Sri Lanka's Yala National Park. Anya was drawn to his lithe structure and stare as he made his way across the road.

Baba Kotiya

is easily identified by the arc of seven spots under his right eye. Habituated to the presence of vehicles from a very early age, he was one of the most sought after Leopards in Yala between 2005 and 2006.


Anya watched this playful young male for about an hour while he balanced along the thin branches of Ranawara bushes — a true acrobat.


is a semi-independent cub who showed no sign of being nervous when people approached, unlike his sister who slunk off into the bushes. Charlie sat on a rock throne watching with curiosity written all over his face.


is a sub-adult male who was photographed in the early morning when his dilated pupils made him look as innocent as a kitten.


is a beautiful female who was rolling on the dew-soaked grass. Later on that day Anya witnessed her chasing a pair of Jackals, likely to protect a kill hidden in the bushes.

Anya draws on Canson sketch artists paper using Micron and Staedler pigment liner pens. She shows more of her paintings at her new website where you can also order standard and limited edition prints.