Dr. Alex Sliwa – Project leader

  • Curator at Cologne Zoo, Germany
  • Conducted the first ecological and behavioural study on the species between 1992 – 1998 on Benfontein, Kimberley, Northern Cape Province, South Africa and has led annual field operations of the Working Group since 2005
  • Invited member of the IUCN Cat Specialist Group
  • Former International Studbook Keeper for Black-footed cats and Coordinator for the Black-footed cat EEP (European Breeding Programme) while at the Wuppertal Zoo, Germany
  • Chair of the Felid TAG (Taxon Advisory Group) for EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria with 300 scientifically led zoos as members)
  • Has worked in the field also on aardwolf and Gordon’s wild cat
Alexander Sliwa

Beryl Wilson – Project manager

  • Zoologist, McGregor Museum, Kimberley
  • Currently completing her MSc degree in the University of Pretoria’s Mammal Research Institute on current and historical distribution records of black-footed cats
  • Has been active in black-footed cat research since 1992
  • Ethologist and Psychologist by training
  • Active Member of the African Wildlife Society
Beryl Wilson

Dr. Nadine Lamberski – Project veterinarian

  • Veterinary Clinical Operations Manager, Harter Veterinary Medical Center, San Diego Wild Animal Park, USA
  • Has been working on health and infectious disease monitoring in wild black-footed cats and sympatric small carnivores on an annual base since 2004
  • Veterinary Advisor to the Black-footed Cat Species Survival Plan (North American breeding programme)
  • Active in national and international veterinary societies and several in-situ and ex-situ projects involving endangered species such as cheetahs, thick-billed parrots, and desert tortoises
Nadine Lamberski

Dr. Jason Herrick – Project reproductive biologist

  • Assistant Professor in the Department of Veterinary at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Has conducted research on the basic reproductive biology of black-footed cats in captivity
  • Actively involved in research to introduce founder genes into captive populations of black-footed cats using cryopreserved semen from wild cats for in vitro fertilization procedures
  • Also involved with studies of reproduction in sand cats and other small felids
  • Reproductive Biology Advisor for the Black-footed Cat Species Survival Plan
Jason Herrick

Dr. Arne Lawrenz – Project veterinarian

  • Veterinarian and Vice-Director at Wuppertal Zoo, Germany
  • Veterinary Advisor to the Black-footed Cat EEP (European Endangered Species Programme)
  • Has worked on wild black-footed cats in 1997-1998 and extensively on captive black-footed cats
  • Supervisor on dissertation on research into AA-Amyloidosis in wild and captive black-footed cats
  • Joined the BFC Working Group in 2009
Arne Lawrenz

Martina Küsters – Field technician since November 2013

  • Currently enrolled for a MTech in Nature Conservation at Tswane University of Technology on habitat use and prey density of black-footed cats on farmland in the Karoo
  • BTech in Nature Conservation, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa
  • Six years of field work experience in telemetry tracking
  • Project coordinator for black-footed cat research in Namibia, collecting distribution records on the species' northern range
Martina Küsters