Sand Cat Working Group

News 2014

9 September

Thomas Rabeil and his colleagues of the Sahara Conservation Fund carry out camera trapping and vehicle surveys in the Termit & Tin-Toumma National Nature Reserve in southern Niger.

Thomas kindly sent several pictures of sand cats taken during these surveys since October 2008. The sand cat to the left was photographed in the night of 12 March this year at 3:21 in the eastern part of the Termit Massif.

Photo by courtesy of Thomas Rabeil


In the map below, the markers point to locations where sand cats were observed and recorded between February 2008 and June this year. These are the southernmost records that we know of so far!!


30 January

Moayyad Sher Shah wrote:

Between 2001 and 2007 we carried out several studies on sand cats in central Saudi Arabia to estimate their annual and seasonal home ranges, habitat and denning use, as well as population density. We continue this monitoring since 2011 and are planning to carry out more surveys and trapping sessions in other parts of the country. Alas, we depend on small funds or grants provided by different organisations.

Our preliminary findings indicate that the country's population is declining sharply.